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Disinfection of commercial, industrial and institutional spaces

PULVERIZ exterminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from your commercial, institutional and industrial premises. We offer an innovative disinfection service that is safe for your employees. In just an hour, your entire facility can be disinfected, from the floor to the ceiling and from your pens to the front door. You will then be able to proceed with your activities knowing that you are providing a safe work environment for your employees. When your business contamination risk is high, we offer an emergency response service. After receiving your call, we can take action within 8 hours in order to help you resume your activities as quickly as possible.

Disinfection of residential spaces

Our team of professionals can disinfect your home or apartment from top to bottom in less than 60 minutes. All spaces and surfaces of the house will be treated. Our disinfectant contains a unique formula that combines the power of a professional detergent with the safety required to sanitize your home safely, for your family and your pets.

Benefit now from a disinfectant that is in line with medical standards, at a reduced price!

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