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1. What differentiate PULVERIZ from other standard cleaning products and disinfectants that can be found on the market?

Disinfectants found on the market don’t have the same efficiency because they’re not absorbed by the treated area. For example, when a surface is sprayed with bleach and then wiped with a cloth, the efficiency is greatly reduced. PULVERIZ penetrates the surface that needs to be treated long enough to kill the bacteria found there.

2. Is there any risk of developing an allergy to the products?

PULVERIZ does not present any toxicity, it is therefore without risk to health. The only possible reaction could be due to the fragrances of the product, but these will have disappeared a few minutes after having disinfected the surface.

3. Does the product need to be rinsed?

No, on the contrary, the product stays in the air for a short time and then it settles on surfaces to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. To benefit from the full effectiveness of the treatment, the product must be allowed to act and dry naturally.

4. Will my surfaces be damaged after being sprayed with your product?

The product is safe for hard surfaces and fabrics.

5. How long will my house be disinfected?

The treatment is effective for several days or even weeks. However, the efficiency decreases with the rate of use of your home or commercial space. This means that the duration of disinfection is affected by the comings and goings.

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